KKL concert hall © Georg Anderhub | Lucerne Festival
KKL concert hall © Georg Anderhub | Lucerne Festival

General information

Just to wander through the wine-red walkways in the brightly lit concert hall, with its reliefs of gleaming white plaster, rich woodwork, and starry, night-blue ceiling is to find yourself transported into a mood for celebration. The concert hall — the “Salle blanche” of the KKL Luzern — which was designed by the French star architect Jean Nouvel, casts its spell over audiences even before the first notes have been sounded.
Serving as models for the acoustics were such famous concert halls as those of Vienna, Amsterdam, and Boston. With a feeling for geometry, forward-looking thinkers in the 19th century had already come to realize what really matters: the sound is best when the concert hall is shaped like a shoebox. The American acoustician Russell Johnson emphasized this even more: from the beginning he understood that a modern concert hall needs to be acoustically variable, that Bach and Bruckner require different sonic environments. The acoustic canopy over the stage, a total of 50 heavy echo chamber structures weighing up to eight tons, plaster reliefs, and all of the materials that are used help to implement the highest level of acoustical quality. Along with double doors that swallow noise and a ventilation system that operates well below the threshold of audibility, Russell Johnson established a foundation for what any good acoustical environment requires: the sort of absolute quiet in which sounds are allowed to resound in all their dynamic range – from the gentlest pianissimo to the mightiest fortissimo.

Arrival | Parking Facilities

The KKL Luzern is located right next to Lucerne railway station. On account of the traffic and parking situation, it is recommended during Festival season that visitors use public transportation. 

Arriving by train & bus
Take advantage of a 40% discount on public transport to Lucerne. You can find more Information here: to the SBB offer.

Arriving by Auto
Lucerne has a dynamic system to indicate parking availability that makes parking in the city easier for you. You can find a list of all parking garages in the City of Lucerne here: see List.

Various train stations outside the City of Lucerne have a Park & Ride offer for those traveling by train to Lucerne. The following train stations, which have abundant parking spaces, are especially handy: Sursee, Rotkreuz, Zug, Wolhusen, Arth-Goldau, and Sarnen.

Flying to Switzerland
Reserve your flight directly with SWISS , the Official Airline of Lucerne Festival. 

Concierge Service for Your Travel Planning
Do you prefer to have your trip planned, with an emphasis on the “extra” in service? Then the travel experts at Bucher Reisen are readily available to help you.


There are coat checkrooms not only in the basement, but also on the 2nd and 4th floors. Handbags up to a size of 42 x 29.7 x 29.7 cm (A3) may be taken into the concert hall. All larger bags and luggage as well as other bulky items must be checked for a fee of CHF 5.00 per item. For security reasons, coats and jackets may also not be taken into the concert hall and can be left at the checkroom free of charge.

Wheelchair seating

The main concert hall of the KKL Lucerne has six wheelchair spaces available on special terms. Accompanying persons cannot be assured of obtaining a seat in the same price range or in the general vicinity.

To reserve wheelchair spaces please call our ticket sales office directly at +41 (0)41 226 4480. Wheelchair spaces are always made available as soon as online ticket sales begin but can only be reserved by telephone.

Access to venues | Late admission

The main KKL Concert Hall opens 30 minutes before the beginning of the concert. For the sake of the musicians and the audience, latecomers will not be admitted until intermission or at the discretion of the Concert Hall staff. In certain instances concerts will have no intermission and allow no latecomers.

If the concert is missed on account of late arrival, tickets will not be refunded.


In the KKL Luzern
In the mood for a cocktail at the Seebar? Coffee and fine pastries at the Le Piaf? Or would you prefer a multi-course menu in the Gault MiIlau-rated restaurant Lucide? The culinary possibilities in the KKL Luzern are many and varied. Before the concert begins, you can reserve your drinks and snacks for intermission at the KKL information desk in the main lobby of the KKL Luzern. Overview of the restaurants

In Lucerne
Within walking distance of all event venues you can find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and cafés. The Lucerne Tourism office will gladly assist you in making your selection. Overview of Lucerne Tourism