Valid as of: 1 February 2024


Guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff on site and to observe the regulations relevant to the health and safety protection plan.

Lucerne Festival cannot accept any liability for infections or consequential damage that may result, despite all due care and compliance with the health protection plan protection. Attending the events as well as staying in the event locations is always at your own risk.


General Terms & Conditions

Tickets may be ordered online, in writing, or by telephone. Official advance ticket sales begin on the specific dates announced in Lucerne Festival’s media releases.

Registered customers may purchase tickets online at The purchase agreement between Lucerne Festival and the customer takes effect when the “confirm purchase” option is clicked. Written ticket orders using the order form may be sent to Lucerne Festival, Postfach, CH-6002 Luzern, or via fax to +41 (0)41 226 44 85. Orders placed before official advance sales for written orders have begun will not receive preferential treatment.

Lucerne Festival reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per customer. When telephone sales are underway, requests will be accepted by calling +41 (0)41 226 44 00.

Unpaid tickets deposited at the box office must be collected no later than 45 minutes before the start of the event. After this time, the reservation expires.


In addition to the published prices for tickets and products there is a fee for processing.


Depending on the point of sale, the amount due can be paid by debit or credit card, invoice, with a Lucerne Festival or KKL voucher, and the TWINT mobile payment app. Payment can be made with the following debit and credit cards: Postcard (online only), VISA, MASTERCARD/EUROCARD, and AMEXCO. The payment date for both domestic and foreign invoices is 10 days from the date of invoice.


If requested, tickets will be delivered by mail to a shipping address designated by the customer. Lucerne Festival assumes no liability for tickets lost in the mail. Please immediately check over the tickets that have been sent, since complaints that are received later cannot be considered. If it cannot be guaranteed that the customer will receive the tickets on time, the tickets will be available to be picked up from the box office.


For Print@Home tickets special terms of use apply. Only tickets printed on quality paper and showing an easy-to-read barcode will entitle the bearer to admission. The ticket is valid for one-time admission and will be voided upon the first validation. If there are multiple copies with the identical barcode in circulation, only the first ticket to be validated will gain admission. The promoter is not obligated to verify the identity of the ticket holder as the ticket purchaser and is not obligated to verify the authenticity of the Print@Home tickets that are presented. Cancellation or exchange is not possible. Copying, modifying, and resale of the ticket are prohibited. Print@Home tickets cannot be resold on commission.

Wheelchair Spaces

In the KKL Luzern Concert Hall and, to the extent possible, at the external venues, wheelchair spaces are available on special terms. These spaces may be reserved only by telephone at the number +41 (0)41 226 44 80. There is no guarantee than the person accompanying the person in the wheelchair can be assigned a seat in the same price category or in the vicinity.


For tickets that are lost we will produce duplicates when possible. These will be issued for a replacement fee of CHF 10.00. If the original concert ticket and a duplicate are presented for the same seat at a performance, the owner of the duplicate shall take precedence. Lucerne Festival does not verify whether the owner has acquired the duplicate lawfully.

Returning Tickets

In principle tickets may neither be exchanged nor returned.


The resale of tickets is prohibited. Lucerne Festival accepts no liability.

Additionally, resale of tickets at prices higher than those indicated on the tickets is also prohibited.


Changes in the cast of performers and programming as well as relocation of the event venue do not entitle one to reimbursement of the ticket purchase price. In cases when the event must be postponed, the tickets remain valid for the new date.


Lucerne Festival also reserves the right to cancel events on short notice. In this case the purchase price shown on the ticket will be refunded in full. Any additional claims for liability are excluded. Unless stated otherwise, claims for reimbursement may be made no later than 10 days after the date of the event.


If a performance has to be cancelled due to circumstances for which Lucerne Festival is not responsible (force majeure, death or illness of an artist, terror warnings, reasons of piety, protests, official bans, etc.), it is deemed to have been played in full when the (first) interval is reached or when the first half of the total playing time planned in the concert programme (excluding encores) has been reached; a refund of the purchase price is excluded. A refund of the purchase price is also excluded if a performance is continued after an interruption.


Seats are allocated in compliance with the legal framework. Seat allocations are to be strictly adhered to. Lucerne Festival reserves the right to change the seating plan (for example, for concert broadcasts or recordings) and to allocate other seats (of equal or better value) for customers if the reserved seat is no longer available due to these changes. In addition, individual sections (Rows A and B at the Front Stalls, Organ Loft) can be released for sale at a later date.


There is no late admission. If a concert is missed due to late arrival, the purchase price cannot be refunded.


Video and audio recordings

Customers are strictly prohibited from making any kind of video and audio recordings at all Lucerne Festival events.

Audiovisual recording by Lucerne Festival

Lucerne Festival records certain performance for audio or visual media. The customer agrees that Lucerne Festival may also use recordings on which his or her person can be recognized if necessary.

Devices with acoustical signals

All devices with acoustical signals (mobile phones, watches, etc.) must be turned off during performances.

House Regulations

The house regulations of the venue in which the respective Lucerne Festival event takes place are valid. Customers whose behavior causes disturbance can be dismissed from the event by the hall team or security staff.

Data Protection and Privacy

The personal information that you supply when making a purchase can be processed by Lucerne Festival and used for its own promotional purposes. The customer hereby agrees. Lucerne Festival does not trade customer information.

You can find detailed information on our data protection statement under the following link:


For damages suffered by a customer during a visit to a Lucerne Festival event, Lucerne Festival is liable only in cases of gross negligence or intentional violation of contractual obligations by Lucerne Festival. Liability for damages caused by a defective product and lost profit is excluded.

Change in the General Terms & Conditions

Lucerne Festival reserves the right to adjust and emend these general terms & conditions at any time.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes in connection with ticket sales and the handling of events is Lucerne, Switzerland. It is governed by Swiss law.