The 2024 Summer-Theme

Get up close to the music and the stars during the “Summer of Curiosity” in 2024. We want to use many new ideas to encourage connections, break down barriers, and provide exciting insights into how the Festival works. You can also take the initiative and get involved yourself. And this is what you can look forward to:

  • Curiosity | 13 August – 15 September 2024


    Have you ever played the lottery using scratch cards? You scratch off the covering that hides the numbers underneath, desperately hoping what you’ll find will win you the main prize. This image is what inspired our visual concept representing the theme of our 2024 Summer Festival, which is “Curiosity.”

    The impetus for this theme comes from marking a milestone anniversary. The Lucerne Festival Academy, which Pierre Boulez founded in 2004, turns 20! This campus for contemporary music, from which around 1,500 talented musicians from all over the world have graduated, remains unique to this day. The driving force behind it is curiosity, the hunger for something new. However, this precept is not limited to modern music. The entire history of the art manifests a desire to explore uncharted territory. Considered from an even broader perspective, curiosity is the basic prerequisite for learning and human development, from earliest childhood to old age.

    Which is why we will have a special focus on education. We want to encourage you to get to know more, to arouse your curiosity about music. As always, you can look forward to enjoying moving musical experiences, to seeing the classical music scene’s top stars and finest international orchestras. But we will also be giving the artists themselves more of a chance to have their say through meet-and-greets and interviews during the concerts as well as post-concert talks. Music is a human art. It creates connections and thrives on closeness and participation.

    Who knows: if we were all more curious about what is unknown, different, foreign – perhaps there would be no more room for prejudice and hatred. Particularly in these less-peaceful times, the theme of “Curiosity” may therefore also be the key to a better world.

  • Opening on 16 August

    This year, we are dispensing with the keynote speech. Instead, there will be an unconventional performance by members of the Lucerne Festival Academy to kick off the celebrations of the Academy’s 20th birthday.

  • Getting Closer to the Artists

    At many concerts, the artists themselves will greet you on the stage and tell you what to expect. Or they will follow the performance as moderators. Or there will be a short spotlight on the program before it starts in the Concert Hall. We will publish the exact dates and events in June 2024 in Day by Day and, of course, on our website.

  • Pre-Concerts in the KKL Lobby

    Before selected concerts, musicians from the Lucerne Festival Academy will perform 10-minute-long pre-concerts on a small stage in the lobby of the KKL Luzern.

  • Post-Concert Talks in the KKL Lobby

    Do you still have questions after the concert? No problem: we’ll answer them at post-concert talks on the small stage in the KKL lobby.

  • Win a House Concert by the Lucerne Festival Academy

    20 years – 20 minutes: To celebrate the anniversary of the Lucerne Festival Academy, you can apply for a 20-minute house concert featuring soloists of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO).


  • Backstage Specials

    What actually happens at 7 in the morning during the Festival at the KKL Luzern? What happens backstage after the concert?
    And what happens at 3 pm? We are offering three backstage specials for a limited number of participants. We will publish the dates on our website in May 2024. You can also register here.

  • For All Those Who Want to Know More

    We have further expanded our range of concert introductions. Susanne Stähr, Mark Sattler, and Malte Lohmann look forward to your visit at many of the summer programs that they will introduce in the KKL Luzern Auditorium one hour before the concert begins.


From the Recital to the Symphony Concert

© Manuela Jans/Lucerne Festival

Four-and-a-half weeks of world class music: experience the legendary conductors, the solo virtuosos, and of course the matchless "parade" of top international orchestras.

2024 Summer Festival: Complete list of concerts

“artistes étoiles” & composers-in-residence

© Sammy Hart

Lisa Batiashvili

“artiste étoile”

© Ollie Ali

Sheku Kanneh-Mason

“artiste étoile”

© David Furrer

Beat Furrer


Lisa Streich © Harald Hoffmann/Ricordi

Lisa Streich


2024 Specials

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne Festival is more than just the evening's symphony concert: the popular public viewing at Inseli Park, the exciting open-air performances of "In the Streets,” master classes, lectures, and panel discussions, and of course the brief concerts comprising the 40min series together create a festival atmosphere throughout the city.


More than a musical appetizer and yet not as long as a complete concert: set aside 40 minutes to enjoy some music.

Lakeside Symphony

Live Streaming of the Opening Concert on the Big Screen.

In the Streets

The small but excellent world music festival within the Festival has Lucerne's old city echoing with music.

Let's Talk About Music!

The more you know, the more you can hear: presentations, panel discussions, and concert introductions enrich your experience of the music.

with your ticket into the museum

Your concert ticket also entitles you to a 50% discount at the Rosengart Collection, free guided tours at the Hans Erni Museum, or a visit to the special program at the Richard Wagner Museum.

The audience in a standing ovation © Peter Fischli/Lucerne Festival

uninterrupted musical pleasure

For those who prefer to visit a restaurant or bar at leisure after attending a concert or who simply want to get home faster, we are offering numerous concerts with no intermission this summer.

Young Audience

Kinder im Konzert © Patrick Hürlimann/Lucerne Festival
Kinder im Konzert © Patrick Hürlimann/Lucerne Festival

Through our special concert offers for children and young people, for families and schools, we show that classical music is not just for grown-ups.