Florian von Manteuffel

Florian von Manteuffel, who was born in 1973 in Munich, initially studied stone masonry and carving before deciding on a career in acting. His first engagement was with Theater Bielefeld, after which he became a member of the Schauspiel Stuttgart ensemble, where he worked with such directors as René Pollesch, Volker Lösch, and Karin Henkel. In 2013 he transferred to the Schauspielhaus Wien, and since 2015 he has been a member of the Theater Basel ensemble, where he has appeared in such productions as Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, and in Anja Hilling’s Claudel adaption Mittagswende. Die Stunde der Spurlosen. Florian von Manteuffel’s film credits include Matthias Kiefersauer’s short film Wunderbare Tage; he has also taken part in numerous radio productions, such as Sven Regener’s Herr Lehmann and Der kleine Bruder, Tino Hanekamp’s So was von da, and Louis Ferdinand Céline’s Reise ans Ende der Nacht.

July 2017