Ben Roidl-Ward © Ben Semish
Ben Roidl-Ward © Ben Semish

What is your approach to new music?

I am most invested in working closely with composers in the development of new pieces – that process has been a constant source of discovery and inspiration for me for the last ten years. I am also interested in improvisation, working with electronics, and chamber music.

Can you tell us what new music means to you in one word?


What is your connection to Lucerne Festival?

I participated in the Lucerne Festival Academy in 2017 and came back to Lucerne as a member of the Alumni Ensemble in 2018. I was also a member of the inaugural Diversity Steering Committee DSC in 2018.

What especially appeals to you about Lucerne Festival Forward?

I'm extremely excited to be working so closely with wonderful friends and colleagues in our network from around the world. I believe that the gathering of these voices is creating a special and extremely exciting festival program.

How do you feel about the co-curation process?

It is always a challenge to form a cohesive idea and to execute it efficiently in such a large group, but I feel that we have managed to put together a really clear and cohesive program. I, for one, have been introduced to a great deal of new music and ideas that I was not aware of before!

What can viewers expect from their participation in the webinars on 23 and 30 July 2021?

We want to use this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the audience and to invite them to see, understand, and participate in every aspect of our first Forward Festival.