Vienna Philharmonic | Karl Böhm

Paul Hindemith
Concerto for Woodwinds, Harp and Orchestra

Anton Bruckner 
Symphony No. 7 in E major, WAB 107

(Recordings: Lucerne, 1964 & 1970)

He did not thrust himself into the limelight but put himself, with economical, clear gestures, entirely at the service of the music: amongst the conductors of his time, Karl Böhm epitomised the anti-star. In the summer of 1964 he delighted the Lucerne audience with a compellingly flowing and cantabile reading of Bruckner’s Seventh – of course at the helm of “his” Vienna Philharmonic, with whom he was also to perform a buoyant Hindemith concerto six years later.

The 32-page booklet is in three languages and richly illustrated and contains a detailed portrait of the conductor by Uwe Schweikert.

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