The Lucerne Festival Orchestra with Riccardo Chailly. © Peter Fischli/Lucerne Festival
The Lucerne Festival Orchestra with Riccardo Chailly. © Peter Fischli/Lucerne Festival

Great musical experiences need strong partners. We thank all our partners and supporters for their generous and loyal commitment.


Summer Festival

Main Sponsors

Credit Suisse has supported Lucerne Festival as a Main Sponsor since 1993. Among other things, this makes the annual "Lakeside Symphony" public broadcast possible.

The focus of the cooperation with the Kühne Foundation is on supporting the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and other selected projects.

In 2023, we welcome Dr. Christoph M. Müller and Sibylla M. Müller as new Main Sponsors. Both are committed to supporting extraordinary and therefore costly projects that otherwise could not be realized.

Roche has been a partner of the Lucerne Festival Academy since 2004 and supports the Summer Festival as a long-standing Main Sponsor.

As a partner of Lucerne Festival since the 1990s and a Main Sponsor since 2005, Zurich has been pursuing the goal of making classical music accessible to a broad audience.



Dr. Hans-Dieter Cleven | Family Goer | Regula Gerber | Dr. Dolf und Maria Stockhausen | Berthold Herrmann and Mariann Grawe-Gerber | Carla Schwöbel-Braun | Monique und Dr. Thomas Staehelin-Bonnard | Dr. Dolf und Maria Stockhausen 


Arthur Waser Foundation | Aventis Foundation | Beisheim Stiftung | Bernard van Leer Stiftung Luzern | Clariant Foundation | Credit Suisse Foundation | Dätwyler Stiftung | Else v. Sick Stiftung | Ernst Göhner Stiftung | Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation | Fritz-Gerber-Stiftung für begabte junge Menschen | FONDATION SUISA | Fuchs-Eugster Stiftung | Geert und Lore Blanken-Schlemper-Stiftung | Accentus Charitable Foundation | Hilti Foundation | Josef Müller Stiftung Muri | Landis & Gyr Stiftung | Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland | René und Susanne Braginsky Stiftung | RHL Foundation | Strebi-Stiftung Luzern | Walter Haefner Stiftung

Grants & Subsidies

Kanton Luzern
Stadt Luzern

Cooperation Partners

Musikstadt Luzern

Lucerne Festival is a member of Swiss Top Events

Spring Festival

Main Sponsor

Rooted in Lucerne, Bucherer is the main sponsor of the Spring Festival and thereby highlights the importance of supporting leading cultural institutions and events.

Piano Fest

Founding Partners

As Founding Partners, Berthold Herrmann and Mariann Grawe-Gerber make it possible to present Lucerne Festival’s new Piano Fest, curated by Igor Levit and featuring prominent pianists in various genres.



Lucerne Festival Forward

Founding Partner

As a founding partner of Lucerne Festival Forward Swiss Re underlines its long tradition of supporting leading cultural institutions and events.


Carla Schwöbel-Braun | FONDATION SUISA | Gitti Hug | John und Patricia B. Ziel | Landis & Gyr Foundation | Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland | Walter B. Kielholz Foundation