Ettore Biagi Curating © Michele Monasta
Ettore Biagi Curating © Michele Monasta

Dear Audience,

After so many months of being apart, staying away from each other, limiting contact, surviving, distancing, being nervous, afraid, and lonely, we still don’t know exactly what the future will bring, but we are hopeful that a brighter and sunnier tomorrow lies ahead. That is why we are bringing you a brand-new event to brighten up your fall: Lucerne Festival Forward, which will take place in November. Co-curated by the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Leaders, our festival is based on the theme of "Networks". We will bring music, listening, live experiences, closeness, intimacy, and culture to you, our dear audience.

This is a festival for YOU, and it is about YOU. We want you to get to know us, and we want to get to know you. Why do you listen, how do you listen, what do you expect, what is new music to you, what does a live concert mean to you…?

Prior to the festival, we are organizing a pair of webinars to get to know you—the audience—and to tell you more about this festival. This is not going to be a presentation or a lecture—not at all—but intends to be a conversation and exchange of ideas. Ask us questions, share your thoughts. We also want to ask questions and connect with you, our audience. After all, we haven’t seen you for so long!

The first Webinar, on the 23 July, will be dedicated to getting to know each other and taking a peek behind the curtain of the festival curation process. You will meet our contemporary leaders and become familiar with our process of planning the festival while being scattered around the world. You will also get a first look at the festival program and discuss with us the importance of networking and how this theme is going to be reflected in the festival.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and register here to participate in the webinars. On our social media platforms, you will find questions that you can reflect on ahead of the webinar, and hopefully you will be willing to share your answers with us. At the same time, please send us some questions and we will be glad to answer them during the webinar or on social media.
We hope to see you soon and are looking forward to hearing from you, our dear audience.

Warm regards,
The Contemporary Leaders of Lucerne Festival Forward