Composer Jessie Cox talks at the first webinar
Composer Jessie Cox talks at the first webinar

Dear Audience,

Thank you! Thank you for joining us, for sharing with us, and for connecting with us after such a long time apart. We enjoyed speaking with you and sharing our goals, themes, values, and thoughts at the first webinar last week.

Those of you that were not able to attend the webinar can watch a recording here.

The second webinar, which will take place on 30 July, will dive deeper into our theme by examining the nuanced sound worlds we are sharing at Lucerne Festival Forward, exploring our collaborations with diverse composers, and showcasing the creative formats we are presenting. We want to show you how Festival Forward is a very special way to experience music.

As always, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can register to participate in this next webinar. You will find questions that we asked in our previous webinar on our social media platforms, and hopefully you will also share your responses with us. At the same time, please send us some questions and we will answer them either during the webinar or on social media.

We hope to see you again this week and are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,
The Contemporary Leaders of Lucerne Festival Forward