Lucerne Festival Orchestra on tour 2019 © Geoffroy Schied / Lucerne Festival
Lucerne Festival Orchestra on tour 2019 © Geoffroy Schied / Lucerne Festival

Wolfram and his son Raphael are on tour with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in China together.

What does the Lucerne Festival Orchestra mean to you?

Wolfram: To me the Lucerne Festival Orchestra means playing orchestral repertoire together with the most enthusiastic musicians on a sensational level, at the spectacular Lucerne Festival, supported by an extremely professional and warmhearted organization.

Raphael: The Lucerne Festival Orchestra is like a family to me. I have played there since I was 22 years old and know many of the players even longer. It's like coming home!

Three things you always carry with you in your luggage on tour (in addition to your instrument)?

Wolfram: Scores for my next conducting projects (heavy…), books (heavy…), a swimsuit (light…).

Raphael: Ohropax, swimsuit, something to read.

How do you prepare before the concerts (any rituals)?

Wolfram: Possibly smoking a "Cigarillo" and sipping a "Coke Zero".

Raphael: Eat well, have a rest, warm up.

What is the first thing you will do after returning home?

Wolfram: Welcome my (large) family.

Raphael: Unpacking my suitcase.

How does it feel to play with your father/son in the same orchestra and sitting opposite each other onstage?

Wolfram: I am so happy to see two of my children and my wife playing in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Sometimes I am so touched, that I have to focus very much on my own playing not to start crying...

Raphael: It's very special and I think quite unique. On top of that for me it’s always emotional very touching! I feel very blessed.

Do you spend a lot of time on tour together (sightseeing)?

Wolfram: Very occasional sightseeing together, very often meals (and drinks) together.

Raphael: Yes actually quite a substantial amount! We eat, sit together and also go sightseeing

What differences do you sense between the audiences in Europe and in China?

Wolfram: I feel more differences between the audiences from concert to concert, rather than from country to country.

Raphael: I think both can be very enthusiastic!

Interview by Jacqueline Saner | Lucerne Festival