Michelle Ross © Lisa-Marie Mazzucco
Michelle Ross © Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

What is your approach to new music?

Performing and creating new music is exhilarating and tethers us to the essence of being a musician. All music comes into this world as “new,” and even with “older” music, the process is one of continual discovery. I aim to have an open heart and be willing to stretch the imagination to its limits, in order to find the tools to bring it to life.

Can you tell us what new music means to you in one word?


What is your connection to Lucerne Festival?

I first came to the Lucerne Festival Academy in 2013. Since then, every musical encounter, Alumni project, and visit to Lucerne has been transformative for me.

What especially appeals to you about Lucerne Festival Forward?

This Forward Festival is a unique and exciting opportunity for us Alumni to create something from the initial spark and witness it manifest, collectively. There is so much potential for growing the artistic identity of our Alumni ensemble and connecting to audiences in meaningful ways. We are striving to create a deep musical experience and invite our audiences into the infinite world of new music.

How do you feel about the co-curation process?

This process has been inspiring, and I’m constantly learning from my peers and admiring everyone’s passion, knowledge, and different perspectives.

What can viewers expect from their participation in the webinars on 23 and 30 July 2021?

The webinars will be opportunities to have an inside look into the philosophy behind how this Festival was curated. We want to invite our audience to engage with us and the themes of the Festival. The first webinar will be more of an overview, and the second webinar will go into depth about specific works. From both, you can expect to learn more about the pieces we will be performing, the themes that have gone into our curation, and about all of us!