Helga Karen
Helga Karen

What is your approach to new music?

It is part of the cultural history that we are living in right now and it is something for the artists to be proud and supportive of.

Can you tell us what new music means to you in one word?


What is your connection to Lucerne Festival?

I have done Lucerne Festival Academy in 2017, and participated in various Alumni projects afterwards. I absolutely love Lucerne Festival, the academy, the atmosphere and the city itself.

What especially appeals to you about Lucerne Festival Forward?

Creating new things, inspiring the next generations, bringing to light undiscovered exciting composers and performers, paying attention to the importance of diversity, and being part of the creation of a better, equal, cultural, and artistic tomorrow.

How do you feel about the co-curation process?

My colleagues inspire me every time we meet. I admire the level of professionalism, knowledge, and passion coming from my fellow co-curators!

What can viewers expect from their participation in the webinars on 23 and 30 July 2021?

A chance to look inside the process of curation – behind the scenes (or behind the Teams and Zooms), as well as "spilling the tea" about the new exciting festival program and perhaps a mention or two about future plans and introducing the work of the Contemporary Leaders.