Since 1993 Credit Suisse has engaged in an ongoing and fruitful partnership with Lucerne Festival. As a Main Sponsor, Credit Suisse makes it possible for the Vienna Philharmonic to perform symphony concerts each year during the Summer Festival in Lucerne and since 2021 has facilitated the "Lakeside Symphony" live broadcasts from the Inseli park next to the Lucerne Culture and Convention Center. In addition, the Credit Suisse Foundation supports highly gifted young artists through two awards which are granted annually on an alternating basis.

The internationally renowned Credit Suisse Young Artist Award supports outstanding soloists who show the potential to develop a major international career. Along with a cash award in the amount of CHF 75,000, the winners are given an opportunity to appear in concert with the Vienna Philharmonic during the Summer Festival in Lucerne. This award is given jointly by Lucerne Festival, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Society of Friends of Music, and the Credit Suisse Foundation. To date the following artists have received this distinction: Quirine Viersen (cello, 2000), Patricia Kopatchinskaja (violin, 2002), Sol Gabetta (cello, 2004), Martin Helmchen (piano, 2006), Antoine Tamestit (violin, 2008), Nicolas Altstaedt (cello, 2010), Vilde Frang (violin, 2012), Sergey Khachatryan (violin, 2014), Simone Rubino (percussion, 2016), Kian Soltani (cello, 2018) and Valentine Michaud (saxophone, 2020).

The Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes is an award that singles out talented young Swiss musicians and presents an award in the amount of CHF 25,000. The winners are additionally given an opportunity to perform in the Debut series of the Summer Festival in Lucerne. This distinction is awarded jointly by Lucerne Festival, the KMHS Conference of Swiss Academies of Music, and the Credit Suisse Foundation. Among the winners to date are Sol Gabetta (cello, 2001), Pawel Mazurkiewicz (piano, 2003), the Tecchler Trio (violin, cello, and piano, 2005), Aniela Frey (flute, 2007), Andriy Dragan (piano, 2009), Mi Zhou (cello, 2011), Laura Schmid (recorder) and Pablo Hernández-Barragán (clarinet; the last two sharing the award in 2013), Vojin Kocić (guitar, 2015), Valentine Michaud (saxophone, 2017), Marianna Bednarska (percussion, 2019) as well as record player Lea Sobbe in 2021.

Nurturing emerging talent is a primary concern for Credit Suisse. Because art takes time to grow, to flourish, to be fully experienced.