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Junge Freunde

Pre Ticket Sales

Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately unable to offer reduced concert tickets in advance for the 2021 Summer Festival.

Concert tickets at the box

University students, high school students, vocational students, and JTC members up to the age of 29 as well as KulturLegi holders may purchase tickets for CH F 20 starting one hour before the beginning of the performance for events which are not sold out. They must present valid identifcation. No additional price reductions are possible. Valid identifcation must also be shown at the entrances to the respective venues.

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5 for 4

The “5 for 4” voucher book contains five vouchers that can be exchanged for student tickets in the best categories – either in advance or on the spur of the moment at the  box office, for one concert or split over several events. “5 for 4” means you pay only CHF 80 for five vouchers and so save CHF 20 over what you would pay when purchasing five individual student tickets.

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Become a "Scout" at LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Do you enjoy going to concerts? Are you active on social media? If so, would you be interested in being able to attend selected LUCERNE FESTIVAL concerts and posting here about your concert experiences and LUCERNE FESTIVAL?

If this interests you, please contact Jacqueline Saner.

WhatsApp news and Newsletter

Which concerts have tickets still available for students at the box? What’s on at the Festival
for primary, secondary, and university and vocational students? Use our WhatsApp News feature to be informed up to date. How does it work? Simply add a contact for our number +41 (0)79 385 36 53 and send the message “Start” using WhatsApp.

During the Festival season we keep you up to date about ticket availability at the box office through our weekly newsletter. To subscribe to this free newsletter, please send us your e-mail with the subject line “Student Newsletter”.


Are you into music — and do you especially enjoy going to concerts with people like yourself? Would you like to delve deeper into the world of classical music, take a peek behind the scenes, and share your experiences with other music lovers? Then join up with the Young Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL!

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