Thus spake Teodor ...

“A conductor must understand that he is no better a human than any member of the orchestra. That he’s not even a better musician.”

“I dream of a world without conductors and politicians.”

“Through my work, I want to give people genuine joy.”

“Making music comes with great responsibility. You have to ensure that everything you do has a concept and is well rehearsed. And then you also have to make sure to give your best.”

“Spirituality has nothing to do with ‘self-help’ but with transcendence. And that requires an effort to become seriously engaged with something.”

“My musicians and I seem a bit like nudists in a music system that is very well dressed. I am honest about what I want. In a world that isn’t, such honesty looks eccentric. It is the others who are eccentric. I am normal.”

“When it comes to me, people like to write about what strange trousers I wear and what shoes I have on when I go onstage. My hair is also a popular topic. I don’t want to judge that, but in reality I go onstage wearing the same trousers, the same shoes, and the same hairstyle that I wear outside the theater. I go onstage just as I am.”

“I always work until I have the desired result.
That can be ten hours, but it can also be ten minutes.”