Modern 3

Yuko Kakuta | Yukiko Sugawara

Kessler | Andre | Lachenmann

Sat, 19331


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Summer Festival

16.08.-15.09. 2019



    Yuko Kakuta  soprano
    Thomas Kessler (*1937)
    new work for soprano and piano
    world premiere | commissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL
    Mark Andre (*1964)
    new work for soprano and piano
    world premiere | commissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL, Wien Modern, and Musik der Jahrhunderte
    Helmut Lachenmann (*1935)
    Got Lost. Music for high soprano and piano

    Introduction by Mark Andre and Thomas Kessler during the concert (in German)

    “I have always as it were ‘forbidden’ my students to write songs based on texts by Nietzsche, Hölderlin, Celan, or Beckett, whose tremendous poetic and phonetic intensity would be totally watered down and veiled when sung,” Helmut Lachenmann, the magician of noise as music, once explained. In order to take on the tradition of the art song in his distinctive way in his 2007-08 work Got Lost, he approached his three selected texts – poems by Nietzsche and Pessoa, plus a succinct notice of the loss of a laundry basket, the source of the title – as musical materials, broke them down into their components, threw them together again, and thus “stripped away their pathetic, poetic, profane diction.” The soprano mutates into a vocal acrobat: she sings and hums, moans and clicks. Yuko Kakuta and Yukiko Sugawara will juxtapose Got Lost with new works by Mark Andre and composer-in-residence Thomas Kessler, who has set texts by Eugen Gomringer to music, including the highly controversial poem avenidas. In this matinee, you can become acquainted with three remarkably different takes on the contemporary art song.

    With the friendly support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council

    Yuko Kakuta

    Yukiko Sugawara

    The “Thomas Kessler Package” 
    20% discount when purchasing tickets to at least three different concerts with the music of composer-in-residence Thomas Kessler