Debut 3

Trio Eclipse

Beethoven | Brahms | Demenga | Gershwin

Thu, 19328


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Summer Festival

16.08.-15.09. 2019



    Trio Eclipse:  Lionel Andrey, clarinet | Sebastian Braun, cello | Benedek Horváth, piano
    Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
    Trio for Piano, Clarinet, and Cello in B-flat major, Op. 11 Gassenhauer Trio 
    Johannes Brahms (1833–1897)
    Clarinet Trio in A minor, Op. 114
    Thomas Demenga (*1954)
    summer breeze II
    world premiere
    George Gershwin (1898–1937)
    An American in Paris
    (arranged for piano, clarinet, and cello by Stefan Schröter)

    Give all the credit to Ludwig van Beethoven. If he had not composed a work for the unusual instrumental configuration of clarinet, cello, and piano in 1797, his popular Gassenhauer Trio, then the Trio Eclipse would probably not exist. These three young soloists joined forces at the Basel Music Academy to form an ensemble dedicated entirely to the charming triad made from these instruments: Lionel Andrey from Lausanne, Sebastian Braun from Winterthur, and Benedek Horváth from Budapest. The result was quite impressive. The three musicians quickly garnered all kinds of awards, for example at the Orpheus Chamber Music Competition in 2016 and the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition in 2017, performing at many renowned festivals. Now it’s Lucerne’s turn. In addition to the two famous original works that Beethoven and Brahms composed for this formation, the Trio Eclipse also presents a novelty by Thomas Demenga, with whom the three musicians studied. And as their closing number, they will play a clever arrangement of Gershwin’s swinging An American in Paris.

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    Trio Eclipse