Music Theater 1

“Tonhalle (Luzern, Europaplatz 1b)”


Mon, 02.09. | 17.00

Europaplatz, KKL Lucerne

Vergangenes Konzert

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Summer Festival

16.08.-15.09. 2019




    Music Theater 1

    “Tonhalle (Luzern, Europaplatz 1b)”

    Ruedi Häusermann  composition and staging
    Henosode-Quartet:  Sara Hubrich, violin | Josa Gerhard, violin | Benedikt Bindewald, viola | Christoph Hampe, cello
    Thomas Douglas  actor
    Giuseppe Reichmuth  architecture
    Sabine Hilscher  costumes
    Judith Gerstenberg  dramaturgy
    Gabriel Dernbach  sound design
    Simon Hertling  sound design
    Shintaro Sugiura  sound design
    Ruedi Häusermann
    Tonhalle (Luzern, Europaplatz 1b)
    A music-theater assertion of self

    A production of the Munich Biennale for New Music Theatre with the Festival Rümlingen and the KlangKunstBühne of the Berlin University of the Arts 

    Commissioned by the City of Munich for the Munich Biennale - Festival for New Music Theater | World premiere on 3 June  2018

    The new version of Tonhalle in Lucerne is a coproduction by LUCERNE FESTIVAL with the Luzerner Theater

    Lucerne – a city in search of the best of all possible venues! With the KKL, new standards for concert halls were set 20 years ago. The Theaterhaus is meanwhile the site of new planning for a theater building for the Luzerner Theater, which will expand out into a natural setting at the beginning of its season (see Ouverture dans la nuit on page 48), as well as right in front of the KKL. Here, the Henosode Quartet has built its own “Tonhalle” (“concert hall”), 2.75 x 5.25 x 2 meters, no bigger, no smaller. The available space is indeed limited, but these four musicians do not want to stay confined to a marginalized status that is enjoyed only by connoisseurs. Under the direction of the actor Thomas Douglas, they have screwed up their courage and brought their tender musical world into contact with raw reality. Douglas teaches the members of the Quartet to transform every disturbance of the uncontrollable outside world into an advantage by turning it into their own musical expression. At the end, the small group of listeners will leave the little house in an unforeseeably cheerful state of ambivalence, liberated from what is expedient and fortified against the unexpected.

    Saturday, 31 August | 14.00 world premiere | 16.00
    Sunday, 1 September | 15.00 | 18.30 | 20.30
    Monday, 2 September | 12.15 | 15.00 | 17.00 
    Tuesday, 3 September | 14.00 | 16.00 | 18.30
    Wednesday, 4 September | 12.15 | 15.00 | 17.00 
    Thursday, 5 September | 15.00 | 17.00
    Friday, 6 September | 12.15 | 15.00 | 17.00 
    Saturday, 7 September 11:00 | 14.00 | 21.00 
    Sunday, 8 September | 14.00 | 16.00