Young Puppet Theater

“The Land of Dreams”

Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

Sat, 08.09. | 14.30 | No. 18463

Pavillon Tribschenhorn

Vergangenes Konzert

Reduced price for youths up to the age of 17.

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018



    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA:  Marianne Hofer, concept, puppetry, and sand painting | Jenny Scherer, puppetry | Evamaria Felder, flute | Jodok Vuille, cello | Stefanie Burgener, piano | Robert Hofer, set design and staging technology

    Das Traumland” (“The Land of Dreams” [in German])
    Performed and drawn in the sand by the Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA 
    Featuring music by Edvard Grieg, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Jodok Vuille

    A co-production with the Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

    for ages 5 and up

    A little girl is so caught up in playing that she completely forgets her surroundings. All of a sudden, the puppets with which she has been playing come to life, and the story she was imagining becomes real. The good sorcerer suddenly appears in front of her. The evil sorceress has stolen from him the key to the Land of Dreams, from which she has banished him − along with music, for music gives the sorcerer his magical power. Which is why he asks the little girl to look for the key for him in the Land of Dreams and to bring it to him so that he can return there. The little heroine decides to help the sorcerer and embarks on an ambitious journey… For years the imaginative productions of Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA have been a regular part of our summer programming for young listeners. The puppets and scenery are designed in loving detail. Live musicians provide appropriate sonic backgrounds. Plus, there is the artful sand painting of Marianne Hofer…

    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

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