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Life Is Live

14.08.-23.08. 2020




    Roundtable discussion (in German) with
    Patricia Kopatchinskaja violinist
    Karin Mölling virologist, Zurich and Berlin
    Walter Kielholz Chairman of Swiss Re
    Dr. Martin Meyer Introduction and moderation

    “Die Welt seit Corona” (“The Coronavirus Era”)

    Unfortunately, a pandemic never passes as quickly as it bursts on the scene. Following the dramatic days of shock and lockdown that have paralyzed us over the past few months, we are beginning to understand that in future there will be a life with rather than a life after coronavirus. A ubiquitous, potentially fatal virus like Covid-19 tests the very civilization of our world and brings changes to every society, sometimes beyond recognition. Strengths and weaknesses, commonalities and conflicts are more evident than ever before. How have we fared in this crisis? What have we experienced, and what have we gained from it? Are we or will we be compelled to change something? And how can we go on? This NZZ Podium panel discussion (in German) with prominent guests led by Martin Meyer, who himself has just published a story on the subject titled Corona, asks the right questions and seeks additional answers.

    «Happy Hour» with Patricia Kopatchinskaja (in German)