“Tanz Luzerner Theater” Ensemble | Caroline Finn | Fredy Studer et al.

“Tanz 34: Wie es euch gefällt”

Sun, 13.09. | 19.00

Luzerner Theater im Globe

Tickets available only from Luzerner Theater starting on 17 August | t +41 (0)41 228 14 14

Summer Festival – Cancelled

14.08.-13.09. 2020





    “Tanz Luzerner Theater” Ensemble | Caroline Finn | Fredy Studer et al.

    Caroline Finn  choreography
    Fredy Studer  composition and percussion
    Joana Aderi  composition, keyboard and vocal
    Ensemble «Tanz Luzerner Theater»  
    Kathleen McNurney  Künstlerische Leitung «Tanz Luzerner Theater»

    “Tanz 34: Wie es euch gefällt” (“As You Like It”)

    A co-production of Luzerner Theater and LUCERNE FESTIVAL

    William Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It undermines the traditional rules of love with its entertaining confusion about the joys of falling in love. The men are banished from their kingdom, the women dress up as men to be safe, they meet up in the Forest of Arden, and after some confusing business, the lovers at last find each other. On the basis of this material, British choreographer Caroline Finn creates a theatrical dance performance that focuses on the wacky events in the forest. Luzerner Theater’s stage will be transformed into a replica of the Globe Theatre, in keeping with Shakespeare: the audience members sit around the “stage forest” and become voyeurs of the spectacles that these characters offer – a bloodthirsty fight and the joyful process of falling in love, narrated through dance to live new music composed specifically for this choreography. The well-known Lucerne percussionist Fredy Studer and vocalist Joana Aderi, who will also play keyboard, will be part of the happenings in this arena full of joy as they interact with the dancers.