Weeklong Series

Experience a seven-day stretch of the Festival

For anyone who prefers flexibility: arrange your own, personally tailored weeklong series with a minimum of five concerts within seven consecutive days.

Besucher auf der Dachterrasse © Georg Anderhub/LUCERNE FESTIVAL

The 2020 Subscription Series

Weeklong Series

Here's how it works:
● Decide on your own start date for your Festival week.
● Choose a minimum of 5 concerts that all take place within a period of 7 days.
● Give us a list of at least two additional alternative concerts in case particular events are no longer available. We’ll contact you if your desired concerts are unavailable.

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Your benefits as a subscriber

Access to ticket purchases before the offcial start of sales:
By choosing one of our subscriptions, you can ensure that you have tickets for the most-sought-afer events of the Summer Festival before tickets ofcially go on sale to the general public.
Long-range planning:
You can plan the details for your trip to Lucerne well ahead of time and find the hotel of your choice.
Program booklets free of charge:
By choosing any of the subscriptions and concert series, you will also receive complimentary copies of the concert program booklets for your events.
Loyalty bonus:
For each CHF 100 of the total value of your subscription, you will receive a LUCERNE FESTIVAL voucher worth CHF 10, which may be used for an additional single-ticket purchase or to purchase CDs, DVDs, and other items in our Web Shop.

Information on Ordering:

The Summer Subscriptions are only for individual customers and may be purchased exclusively for the price categories I–IV. These may be ordered in writing starting now until 5 February 2020 at the latest. Orders will then be processed as of the beginning of December 2019 in the order in which they are received. Orders that are received by us no later than 11 December 2019 and that are paid by credit card can be processed in time to be sent for the Christmas holidays. Categories are subject to availability.

Overview of all subscriptions:

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