Rebecca Saunders


Rebecca Saunders’s music teaches you about perception itself. She elicits sounds from silence, listens to them intensely, observes them from different angles, like a sculptor, constantly deriving new colors and nuances of expression – and also guiding them to extremes of emotion and violent eruptions. For Saunders’s music wants to get under your skin. The Berlin-based British artist prefers to focus on individual instruments and to collaborate intensively with her performers in order to experiment with unusual playing techniques. Her new piano concerto to an utterance was written for the pianist Nicolas Hodges and is now receiving its world premiere as part of the Roche Commissions series. For the soprano Juliet Fraser, Saunders has chosen the famous final monologue by Molly Bloom from James Joyce’s great novel of the 20th century, Ulysses: in Nether, she translates the text’s wildly whirling flashes of inspiration, memory fragments, and sensory impressions into a highly emotional vocal performance.

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