Rebecca Saunders © Astrid Ackermann

Rebecca Saunders


“I look forward to working with the extraordinary young musicians of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY who will premiere my new piano concerto and who will perform my most recent large ensemble work, Nether. I will also develop two new spatial chamber works with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI. It is an honor that the triptych of my three earlier concertos – Still, Alba, and void – will all be performed for the first time in Lucerne within the span of a few days.”

Rebecca Saunders

Her music introduces sounds that emerge from and vanish back into silence, developing and unfolding in microtonal deviations and with the finest timbral shadings and dynamics. Abrupt, even aggressive gestures of almost physical presence are also part of her soundscapes. The British composer Rebecca Saunders, who lives in Berlin, is a researcher into sounds. She prefers to focus on individual instruments and to collaborate intensively with her performers in order to “put herself in the position of how an instrument is played” before embarking on her actual compositional process. This enables her to try out sonic materials and unusual playing techniques.

Saunders will bring some of her favorite musicians to Lucerne: the trumpeter Marco Blaauw, the soprano Juliet Fraser, and the percussionists Dirk Rothbrust and Christian Dierstein. As composer-in-residence at the 2020 Summer Festival, she will be the subject of a career retrospective focusing on works from the past ten years, such as the concertos Still (for violin), Alba (for trumpet), and void (for percussion duo), which will receive their Swiss premieres. Also on the program are world premieres of new scores, including a piano concerto for Nicolas Hodges that is part of the “Roche Commissions” series.

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