Festival theme  “Power”


The 2019 Festival theme

This summer we address the theme of “Power” – a topic that affects and concerns all of us. It takes only a few people to get together for power structures to begin emerging: Who has the floor, who sets the agenda, who decides? No society is conceivable without the exercise of power. Even art is interwoven with power in many ways: it can generate commissions, pay homage to or rebel against the powers that be, and through its own power even agitate on behalf of a cause and manipulate its audience. Music in particular can have an enormous impact. It is able both to console and to invigorate. A number of myths illustrate this - think of the story of Orpheus, who soothed the wrathful furies and tamed wild animals through his wonderful singing.

We will trace a wide range of issues relating to power in our concerts. How has politics exploited music? How have the powers that be controlled and influenced the fate of composers? What has access to power meant for the self-self-understanding of such as Ludwig van Beethoven, who sensed themselves to be prophets, or who, like Richard Wagner, built temples for their own art?

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