Visual art meets music: "Soundzz.z.zzz…z" combines these different arts.
Soundzz.z.zzz…z © Stefan Deuber/LUCERNE FESTIVAL

Submission 2017

The central theme for Lucerne Festival in 2017 is “Identity”: Who am I? The theme involves issues relating to nationality, culture, gender, religion, and much more. The Kunstmuseum Luzern and Lucerne Festival seek out new, unconventional projects that are equally rooted in the realms of the visual arts and of music. The competition is aimed at artist/s (single artist or teams) who are asked to develop a new project at this intersection between music and the visual arts. The key is an interest in the interaction between both disciplines. The form is left open to candidates.

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For years LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the Kunstmuseum Lucerne have fostered cooperation in various formats, with a particular interest in the diverse relationships between visual expression and sound, and since 2013 they have been promoting the combination of these two areas of culture specifically through the competition titled “Soundzz.z.zzz…z”: aspiring young artists are called upon to develop an ephemeral, performative, actionist project that addresses the theme of LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer in a way that involves the interface between music and visual art.

The Winners:
2013 Nils Fischer/Kurt Laurenz TheinertRecode Revolution
2014 David BithellThe Place of Whispers
2015 Johannes Willi: Beethovens Fünfte Sinfonie
2016 Sophia Martell & Silke Strahl:The Conductress

In cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Lucerne