Chamber Music 6

Students of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik | Clemens Heil | soloists

A Concert Portrait of Rebecca Saunders

Sun, 13.09. | 11.00 | No. 20359

Hochschule Luzern – Musik at Südpol, Salquin Concert Hall

Summer Festival – Cancelled

14.08.-13.09. 2020



    Students of the Lucerne University of Music  
    Charlotte Lorenz  cello
    Clemens Heil  conductor
    Erik Borgir  chorus master

    “Rebecca Saunders Portrait Concert”
    Part of the grand opening of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik at Südpol

    Rebecca Saunders (*1967)
    Sole. Trio in F-sharp for mobile accordion, percussion, and piano 
    Solitude for solo cello
    Skin for soprano and 13 instruments

    This piece gets under your skin. “In working with the voice, with its limits and the need to breathe, an unembellished human vulnerability can be shown, an intimate immediacy,” Rebecca Saunders believes. In her large-scale vocal composition Skin, which was inspired by texts of Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, she “penetrates to the essence of the voice: the physical body that produces this sound.” As in her instrumental works, Saunders has “invented” entirely new forms of articulation that go far beyond what is commonly called singing. The soloist thus sings or whispers as she inhales and exhales, and her voice continually merges with the ensemble sound. “At once uncomfortable, tender, frightening, and poignant,” was the verdict of the jury for the British Composer Awards, which Saunders won in 2017 for Skin. You can also encounter in this program two solo pieces by our composer-in-residence for the 2020 Summer Festival, including Solitude, a subtly sounded-out composition for solo cello that traces the inner soundscapes of the instrument as if under a microscope.

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