Strotter Inst.

Sun, 20.08. | 14.00

Kunstmuseum Luzern

Vergangenes Konzert

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Summer Festival

11.08.-10.09. 2017





    Strotter Inst.

    Strotter Inst.  manipulated turntables

    Delokation – Live-Remix

    What is a “Strotter”? In Viennese dialect, this concept refers to someone who searches for leftover scraps, someone who forages in the trash for useful stuff. Which is precisely what the sound artist Christoph Hess does: going by the alias Strotter Inst., he is this year’s winner of the “Soundzz.z.zzz…z” Competition, in which LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the Kunstmuseum Luzern every summer choose a winning contestant whose project explores the intersection between music and the visual arts. Strotter Inst. uses prepared turntables and a wide variety of sound samples to create works that involve not only music but that are themselves visual objects as well.

    For Delokation Strotter Inst. will interact with three works from the Festival programming, submitting them to a remixing process. What is preserved from the identity of the original? And how much autonomy does a new work acquire when it has been generated completely from already pre-existing material? Delokation will be experienced in three  “states of matter” during the Summer Festival: in the Kunstmuseum, Strotter Inst. will present the remixes supplemented by a film collage, via projections on a screen, and fragmented into parts in several sound installations. At LUCERNE FESTIVAL he will perform Delokation as a live remix, as well as in two performances with “artiste étoile” Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the harpsichordist  Anthony Romaniuk and with the turntable artist Jorge Sánchez-Chiong.