40min 4

Pre-art soloists | Michael Engelhardt

“Music and Poetry: Beethoven Meets Hölderlin”

Thu, 27.08. | 18.20

KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall

Free admission

Summer Festival

14.08.-13.09. 2020



    Pre-art soloists  
    Michael Engelhardt

    “Music and Poetry: Beethoven Meets Hölderlin”

    A way to make classical music straightforward: When the workday is over but the evening has not quite begun – there’s time for music then. More exactly: for 40 minutes of music. Always at 18.20, before the “big event” symphony concerts, selected Festival artists are presented in the 40min series. Admission is free, there’s no dress code, and prior knowledge is unnecessary. For the artists not only make music but also take on the role of host and talk about what they’re playing and why they play it the way they do. Have a taste!