​​​​​​​Book Launch Bernard Haitink

Peter Hagmann | Erich Singer

Thu, 05.09. | 16.30

KKL Luzern, Foyer

Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

16.08.-15.09. 2019




    ​​​​​​​Book Launch Bernard Haitink

    Peter Hagmann | Erich Singer

    Peter Hagmann
    Erich Singer

    Conducting Is a Mystery”
    Book Launch with
    Bernard Haitink, Peter Hagmann, and Erich Singer

    Bernard Haitink celebrated his 90th birthday in March, and he will conduct his very last concert at LUCERNE FESTIVAL when he leads the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on 6 September. The new book Dirigieren ist ein Rätsel (“Conducting Is a Mystery”) focuses on this great conductor – an artist who has never sought the limelight – through a series of interviews that Peter Hagmann and Erich Singer conducted with Bernard Haitink between 2007 and 2019. They illuminate Haitink’s life and creative work in equal measure: from his youth in the Netherlands during German Occupation to his training as a young violinist and his lengthy conducting career. The book takes a deeper look in thematic sections that explore Haitink’s music-making, his approaches to interpretation, and his efforts as an educator. Two major essays round off the volume (which is for the time being available only in German): the first offers a biographical account of Haitink’s career as a conductor spanning more than sixty years, and the second describes his views of music and how these have been realized in opera performances, in the concert hall, and on countless recordings. A series of exclusive photographs – some of which come from the maestro’s private archive – are included among the illustrations. The authors Peter Hagmann and Erich Singer will jointly present the book at this book launch.