Master Class "INORI", Day 6

Peter Eötvös | Kathinka Pasveer | Alain Louafi

Mon, 27.08. | 14.30 | No. 18426

KKL Lucerne / Südpol

Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018




    Master Class "INORI", Day 6

    Peter Eötvös | Kathinka Pasveer | Alain Louafi

    Peter Eötvös  director
    Kathinka Pasveer  director
    Alain Louafi  director
    Participants in the Master Class:  Lin Liao, conductor | Gergely Madaras, conductor | Jamil Attar, dancer | Emmanuelle Grach, dancer | Winnie Huang, dancer | Diego Vásquez, dancer

    Get to more closely know one of Karlheinz Stockhausen's major works and one of the highlights of the Lucerne 2018 Summer Festival series “Cosmos Stockhausen”: INORI, a 70-minute-long ceremony for orchestra and two dancer-mimes who perform prayer gestures on a pedestal high above the musicians. Through the “Master Class on INORI” you can follow along to see the entire process of how the Lucerne production (which is also the work’s Swiss premiere) is being created – from working with the young conductors and dancer-mimes to section and full rehearsals. Peter Eötvös, who will conduct the second of the two Lucerne performances, has conducted INORI often, studying the work with Stockhausen himself. Alain Louafi, who was a dancer-mime at the Donaueschingen premiere in 1974, and Kathinka Pasveer have also worked closely with Stockhausen. The two concerts on 2 September will also be enhanced by an in-depth series of related events.

    Related Events:
    Sunday, 2 September, KKL Luzern Auditorium:
    Film | 13.00 | “Karlheinz Stockhausen: Vortrag über Hu” (in German: the Lecture on Hu)

    Panel Discussion | 15.00 | with Kathinka Pasveer, Peter Eötvös, Wolfgang Rihm, and Thomas Ulrich

    Peter Eötvös

    Composer, conductor, and educator: Peter Eötvös combines these three roles in an extraordinary career. Born in 1944 in Hungarian Transylvania, he studied composition and piano at the Budapest Academy of Music and conducting at the Cologne Academy of Music. He was a member of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ensemble from 1968 to 1976, playing piano and percussion, and from 1971 to 1979 he worked at WDR’s Studio for Electronic Music. In 1978, at the invitation of Pierre Boulez, Eötvös was appointed music director of the Ensemble intercontemporain – a position he held until 1991. As a conductor, he has worked with ensembles as the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics; the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam; the BBC Symphony Orchestra; the Budapest Festival Orchestra; the Gothenburg Symphony; the Vienna, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestras; and the Ensemble Modern. From 1994 to 2005, he led the Hilversum Radio Chamber Orchestra and, in 2015, together with the London Symphony Orchestra, performed a concert for Boulez’s 90th birthday. Last season he was the resident artist with the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, and in the 2018-19 season he will serve as Capell-Compositeur with the Staatskapelle Dresden. As a composer, Eötvös has enjoyed successes with such operas as Tri Sestri, Angels in America, Love and Other Demons, and Die Tragödie des Teufels. In 2007 he was composer-in-residence at LUCERNE FESTIVAL, where he presented the world premiere of his Violin Concerto Seven. His orchestral piece Reading Malevich is being premiered here on 1 September. Eötvös has taught at the Music Academies of Cologne and Karlsruhe; in 1991 he founded the International Eötvös Institute in Budapest and its associated Foundation for Young Conductors and Composers. He has received numerous awards for his artistic work, the most recent of which include the Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen (2016) and the Goethe Medal (2018).

    LUCERNE FESTIVAL (IMF) debut on 6 September 1987 with the Ensemble intercontemporain in works by Varèse to Carter.

    July 2018

    Other dates

    All dates and locations:
    Monday, 20 August | 14.30 – 17.30 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (conductors)
    Tuesday, 21 August | 14.30–17.30 | KKL Luzern, Clubräume 7/8 (conductors)
    Wednesday, 22  August | 19.00–21.30 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (section rehearsal)
    Thursday, 23 August | 19.00–22.00 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (section rehearsal)
    Friday, 24 August | 19.00–22.00 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (section rehearsal)
    Monday, 27 August | 14.30–17.30 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (full rehearsal)
    Tuesday, 28 August | 19.30–22.00 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (dancers)
    Wednesday, 29 August | 14.30–17.30 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (full rehearsal)
    Wednesday, 29 August | 19.00–22.00 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (dancers)
    Thursday, 30 August | 10.00–13.00 | Südpol, Grosse Halle (full rehearsal)

    Sunday, 2 September | KKL Luzern, Luzerner Saal:
    Cosmos Stockhausen 2 | 11.00 | with Lin Liao, David Fulmer, Winnie Huang, and Diego Vásquez

    Cosmos Stockhausen 3 | 17.00 | with Peter Eötvös, Jamil Attar, and Emmanuelle Grach