Symphony Concert 21 – CANCELLED

Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI | Ilan Volkov | soloists

Saunders | Rihm

Sun, 06.09. | 11.00 | No. 20811

KKL Luzern, Concert Hall

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Summer Festival – Cancelled

14.08.-13.09. 2020




    Symphony Concert 21 – CANCELLED

    Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI | Ilan Volkov | soloists

    Ilan Volkov  conductor
    Dirk Rothbrust  percussion
    Christian Dierstein  percussion
    Marco Blaauw  trumpet
    Rebecca Saunders (*1967)
    blaauw for double-bell trumpet
    Wolfgang Rihm (*1952)
    Sub-Kontur for orchestra
    Rebecca Saunders (*1967)
    void for two percussion players and orchestra
    Swiss premiere
    Alba for trumpet and orchestra
    Swiss premiere

    As a tireless researcher into sounds, Rebecca Saunders likes to focus on individual instruments, working intensively with performers to try out unusual playing techniques. Alba was written for the trumpeter Marco Blaauw, one of her favorite musicians: “A white noise, as if one had looked directly into the glistening corona of a solar eclipse,” wrote the neue musikzeitung. And the percussionists Christian Dierstein and Dirk Rothbrust were said to have evoked “inspiring sessions of sonic exploration,” which preceded the composition of void. Wolfgang Rihm’s orchestral piece Sub-Kontur promises massive ensemble eruptions and fractured soundscapes. It was composed in 1976, right after Dis-Kontur, which the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI presented last summer. “Both works are thick chunks that chew up archetypes from the symphonic literature,” explains Rihm – in this case, the Adagio characteristic of late Romanticism. Rihm, then 24, provoked heated debates with his subjective musical language: “I knew I was dealing with materials that were in the avant-garde’s poison cupboard at the time.”

    Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI

    Since it was founded in 2003, more than 1,200 instrumentalists, conductors, and composers from over 60 countries have taken part in the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY. Its graduates have included such renowned artists as the JACK and the Mivos Quartets and the conductors Pablo Heras-Casado and Kevin John Edusei, as well as many musicians who today have careers as members of internationally renowned orchestras, perform in the field of chamber music and experimental projects, or teach at universities. Most of them remain closely associated with the Festival. As LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI, selected former Academy students regularly return to Lucerne, enriching the programming through performances in the area of contemporary music, participation in the 40min series, or collaborations in productions by LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG, as well as by providing advice and support to current Academy students. Aided by the Alumni platform, they also stay in contact with each other in order to collaboratively realize their own projects worldwide. This has created a unique international network of young musicians. The first project presented by the Alumni was in the 2013-14 season under the motto “Music at Risk” and involved four world premieres in New York, London, Beijing, Zurich, and Lucerne. One of the highlights of recent years has been the three-part concert series “Ligeti Forward,” with which the Alumni made a guest appearance at the NY Phil Biennial in 2016 under the direction of Alan Gilbert. In 2017 they toured Germany and Switzerland with the Swiss jazz singer Andreas Schaerer, his band Hildegard Lernt Fliegen, and the project titled “The Big Wig.” And in March 2018 they joined with the Ensemble intercontemporain to perform Messiaen’s Des canyons aux étoiles in Paris, Brussels, and Luxembourg, as well as at the Easter Festival in Lucerne.

    First appearance at LUCERNE FESTIVAL on 3 September 2014 in the “Music at Risk” project.

    July 2019

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    Dirk Rothbrust

    Born in 1968 in Illingen, Germany, Dirk Rothbrust ranks among the most renowned international percussionists. From 1986 to 1994, he studied in Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe with Franz Lang and Isao Nakamura. He has been a member of the Cologne Percussion Quartet since 1995 and of the Ensemble Musikfabrik since 2005, and from 2001 to 2008 he played with the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin. Whether with an ensemble or as a soloist, Rothbrust concertizes at all the important contemporary music festivals in Europe and collaborates with the leading composers and performers of our time, including Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Martha Argerich, and Maurizio Pollini; the saxophonist Peter Brötzmann; and the electronic duo Mouse on Mars. As a soloist, Rothbrust has given the world premieres of such works as void by Rebecca Saunders, Beat Furrer’s Xenos III, and Wolfgang Mitterer’s Rasch, all of which – like many other works – were written specifically for him.

    July 2018

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