Hosted by the Buvette

Open-air concert

Sat, 26.08. | 17.00


Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

11.08.-10.09. 2017




    Hosted by the Buvette

    Open-air concert

    LUCERNE FESTIVAL is more than just the evening’s symphony concert. For instance, at Lucerne’s Inseli park you can enjoy open-air programs against an enchanting background.

    Schänner Blech-Füfermusig


    In parts of eastern Switzerland, brass band dance music was once what made the hits. Some groups even became so popular, that they were already producing records in the early 2th century, like the ländler music of Fuchs aus Schänis. 100 years later, the Schänner Blech-Füfermusig reawakens this rich legacy anew.

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