40min 7


“Musicians’ Choice: Diversity”

Mon, 03.09. | 18.20

KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall

Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018



    Musicians of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI  

    “Musicians’ Choice: Diversity”

    Zosha di Castri (*1985)
    Four Miniatures for Wind Quintet
    Kotoka Suzuki (*1972)
    In Praise of Shadows three paper players and fixed electronics
    Alireza Farhang (*1976)
    Āptya for bassoon, french horn, and harp
    George Lewis (*1952)
    Artificial Life 2007

    This program is the first project of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI Diversity Steering Committee (DSC). Formed in 2018 from a pool of Alumni applicants, the DSC (Ashleigh Gordon, Deepa Goonetilleke, and Ben Roidl-Ward) was created in response to calls for greater diversity in programming by members of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI. Conversations about equity in representation of age, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, and sexual preference are of critical importance throughout society today. The world of contemporary music is no exception. At the invitation of Wolfgang Rihm, the DSC has curated an exciting program for this 40min concert in order to champion voices that previously have not been heard at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL and to inspire ongoing conversations about prioritizing diversity in future programming: “This concert marks the beginning of our efforts to provide a platform to voices that have been unrepresented in past seasons and presents four pieces that have truly captivated us as works we would love to perform and to experience here at Lucerne. We welcome your feedback about this concert and your suggestions for future projects. We look forward to sharing this new adventure with you by exploring new sound worlds and ideas!”