Vergangenes Konzert

Piano Festival

17.11.-27.11. 2018



    Martin Meyer  lecture

    Just Yesterday” (in German)

    How fast time flies! This is also true for musical life and the interpretations that preoccupy us so much today, only to become, sooner or later, somehow “historical” or simply even forgotten. Still, we don’t make the claim that the history of interpretation is a straightforward story of progress toward what keeps getting better. So we will look back and listen a bit to the work of yesterday and before that, when different approaches to the piano held sway and different experts dominated the international stage. Memories of the great keyboard masters (and sometimes even just the good ones) can still move us, and their names can bring to mind concerts of yesteryear. What they documented in recordings and films then gives us an opportunity to verify whether Horowitz actually was always so ostentatious, whether Glenn Gould was so ascetic, whether Clara Haskil was the definition of refinement, or whether Emil Gilels never messed up or, on the contrary, often did so, without his errors significantly affecting his Beethoven interpretations. “Just yesterday” thus becomes a small and indeed subjective journey through time expedited by the experiences of the lecturer. 

    Martin Meyer

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