Piano Lecture 1

Martin Meyer

“Waltzes, Waltzes, Waltzes”

Sun, 18.11. | 14.00

KKL Luzern, Auditorium

Vergangenes Konzert

Piano Festival

17.11.-27.11. 2018



    Martin Meyer  lecture

    “Waltzes, Waltzes, Waltzes” (in German)

    How would music history have unfolded if the waltz had not been invented in the late 18th century? The waltz, which is usually in three-quarter time, has become the epitome of dance ever since. Great composers have resorted to it over and over to create great music. This applies particularly to the piano repertoire, resulting in an abundance of examples from Beethoven through Schubert and Schumann to Chopin and Liszt, and from Brahms to late Romanticism and beyond. Masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations and the waltzes of Chopin and Brahms can be found side-by-side with interesting dance pieces along the way that are mostly by composers who used the waltz to shine in the salon and to beguile the spirit. We will listen to sublime and elusive examples performed by masters of the keyboard who also command a special affinity for the dance – an affinity that all pianists should share but that for some inspires an almost Dionysian sense of rhythmic momentum.


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    Martin Meyer

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