Vergangenes Konzert


18.11.-26.11. 2017



    Martin Meyer  lecture

    “Young and Old” (in German)

    Do young people play the piano better? Do old people understand more about music? What is it that conveys a convincing performance of a work: the wisdom of the grey-hairs – or, to the contrary, the fire of young upstarts? We might put this diplomatically: each age has its merits. While teenagers suddenly grow out of themselves and into a given piece in the rush of the moment, mature people disclose to us other, perhaps deeper secrets. But of course the realties sometimes look different. Sometimes the piano world goes wild when late romantic stirrings are awakened in older artists, while the youngsters can seem to be wiser than the wise. Our roundtrip will use examples to show what, where, how, and to whose benefit or disadvantage the result is when figures from either end of the age spectrum touch the keys, with the hope that all will be or at least end well. By the way: humor is a prerequisite, at least for the audience. 

    Martin Meyer

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