Vergangenes Konzert


18.11.-26.11. 2017



    Martin Meyer  lecture

    “Images and Sounds. What Matters in Debussy Interpretation” (in German)

    The rubric of “Impressionism” is especially associated with the music of Claude Debussy (1862–1918): a musical language that also often speaks in images on the piano, one which encompasses images of thoughts and feelings. Indeed, the French master expanded the expressive possibilities of the instrument into new and fascinating dimensions of sounds as well as rhythms. What is important when playing Debussy? What should a performer heed in the score and what should he or she change and emend? What challenges need to be overcome? These and related questions will be the focus of Martin Meyer’s piano lecture for the “Day of the Keyboard.” The lecture will look back at the traditions of leading Debussy performers but will also consider the present (in image and sound) and younger talents. In the process Meyer will show that Debussy’s piano cycles – from the Préludes through individual suites to the ever-modern, even revolutionary Études – are a powerful pinnacle of the genre. By the way: short excursions into Maurice Ravel may also be permitted!

    Martin Meyer

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