Debut Marmen Quartet

Marmen Quartet

Sciarrino | Gesualdo | Ligeti | Mozart

Thu, 09.09. | 12.15 | No. 213314

Lukaskirche, Kirchensaal

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Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021




    Debut Marmen Quartet

    Marmen Quartet

    Marmen Quartet:  Johannes Marmen, violin | Ricky Gore, violin | Bryony Gibson-Cornish, viola | Steffan Morris, cello
    Salvatore Sciarrino (*1947)
    String Quartet No. 7
    Carlo Gesualdo (1566–1613)
    Madrigal O vos omnes
    György Ligeti (1923–2006)
    String Quartet No. 1 Métamorphoses nocturnes
    Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756–1791)
    String Quartet in E-flat major, K. 428

    The Marmen Quartet won two important competitions in 2019: the Canadian Banff Competition and the Concours de Bordeaux. The ensemble, which was founded in 2013 at the Royal College of Music in London, has been stirring up the quartet scene ever since. Not only do these four masterful virtuosos phrase as if from the same breath. They love to tell stories with their programs. In Lucerne, where the summer theme is “crazy” they will certainly do so when they play a madrigal by Carlo Gesualdo, the prince of Venosa and murderer of his unfaithful wife, who composed music so weird that you would think it came from the 20th century. Salvatore Sciarrino wrote his opera Luci mie traditrici about this “old master” – and competes with Gesualdo’s “craziness” by using excessive glissandi in his Seventh String Quartet. György Ligeti’s First Quartet was so controversial in Communist Hungary that he was not even allowed to have the work performed. And Mozart raised the genre to a new level with the six so-called “Haydn Quartets,” the third of which is heard here. 

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