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Marco Blaauw | Arditti Quartet | Trio Accanto


Sat, 21.08. | 11.00 | No. 212306

KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall

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Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021



    Marco Blaauw  trumpet
    Arditti Quartet:  Irvine Arditti, violin | Ashot Sarkissjan, violin | Ralf Ehlers, viola | Lucas Fels, cello
    Trio Accanto:  Marcus Weiss, saxophone | Nicolas Hodges, piano | Christian Dierstein, percussion
    Rebecca Saunders (*1967)
    shadow. Study for piano
    Swiss premiere     


    Fletch for string quartet
    Swiss premiere 


    blaauw for double-bell trumpet 
    That Time. Trio for baritone saxophone, percussion, and piano
    comissioned by Radio France, Lucerne Festival, Südwestrundfunk, and Milano Musica – Associazione per la musica contemporanea
    Swiss premiere

    What is better than one trumpet? A trumpet that sounds like two. Marco Blaauw has developed just that with his double-bell trumpet, which – as the name suggests – has two bells. He can produce the craziest sounds on it, for example switching between open and muffled tones at lightning speed or mixing the two. Composer-in-residence Rebecca Saunders has developed a fascinating solo piece out of these subtle color changes. In her portrait concert, instrumental docents from the Lucerne Festival Academy will show how she is constantly in search of fresh, unfamiliar sounds. In shadow, Nicolas Hodges uses the piano’s sostenuto and sustaining pedals to create reverberations of varying densities: indeed, acoustic shadows. It’s a prelude to Saunders’s new piano concerto, which he will unveil on 4 September together with the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra. And in Fletch, the legendary Arditti Quartet continually shoots out arrows of sound – just as suggested by the title of the work, which refers to each of the feathered vanes of an arrow: timbrally rich, harmonically shimmering tremolos that evaporate in a glissando. 

    Arditti Quartet

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