Festival theme  “Life is Live”

Life Is Live

14 – 23 August 2020

Finally, music returns! “Life Is Live” is the name of the set of programs that LUCERNE FESTIVAL is offering in the summer of 2020 over a ten-day period in August. After the coronavirus closure, we return to the public eye with this short festival. Life is meant to be lived – in real space and not in a virtual reality. It takes place “live”: in encounters between people, in being together and interacting.

This includes the interplay between those onstage and in the audience. Anyone who makes music expresses something, wants to say something, so they need a counterpart. Through their playing, the musicians pass something along. Vice versa, for them the process also involves receiving a resonance: the audience’s reaction, which they absorb during the performance through the atmosphere they sense vibrating in the hall, and afterwards, of course, through the applause. Nothing – whether CDs or DVDs or online streaming – can replace this interplay of give and take.

"Life Is Live" will present nine concerts  nine concerts in the KKL Lucerne, as well as a sound installation involving the bells of Lucerne, the popular “Music in the Streets” festival, and a panel discussion. Naturally, all health regulations will be observed so that you can enjoy your concert visit worry-free. To ensure that the regulations regarding distance are observed, all events will be held with a limited number of seats. Each program will also be performed without an intermission. You can find detailed information about our safety guidelines and plan here (German only).

Clariant Foundation – Theme Sponsor

An Overview of “Life Is Live”