Family Concert Quatuor Beat 2


Quatuor Beat

Sun, 08.09. | 16.00 | No. 19359

KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall

Vergangenes Konzert

Please book a wheelchair ticket under t +41 (0) 41 226 44 80 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Summer Festival

16.08.-15.09. 2019



    Quatuor Beat:  Gabriel Benlolo, percussion | Adrien Pineau, percussion | Laurent Fraiche, percussion | Jérôme Guicherd, percussion
    Pierre-Jean Carrus  staging
    Moïse Hill  light design

    A rhythm spectacle with music by composers including Leonard Bernstein, Goran Bregović, and Astor Piazzolla

    For listeners ages 5 and up

    No, Quatuor Beat does not pay homage to the Swiss male first name “Beat.” These four drummers from France have the English word in mind as part of  their name since it characterizes what they do on stage quite well: they drum and groove for all they’re worth! With their award-winning production Drumblebee, they inspired tremendous enthusiasm in Lucerne a few years ago. Now the Quatuor Beat returns to Lake Lucerne with Kromoritmos to guide young (and young-at-heart) listeners through contemporary and popular music in a survey as full of energy as it is witty: from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story to Astor Piazzolla, from Witold Lutosławski to Goran Bregović. The four musicians al- ternate between marimba and vibraphone, cymbals and bongos: a percussive universe full of different timbral colors (chromos) and rhythms (ritmos), populated by instruments made of wood, fur, or metal that can be beaten, stroked, scratched, and shaken.

    Quatuor Beat

    Das französische Quatuor Beat ist eines der aktivsten, vielseitigsten und kreativsten Perkussion-Ensembles unserer Zeit. Die vier Mitglieder − Gabriel Benlolo, Laurent Fraiche, Jérôme Guicherd und Aurélien Carsalade − haben bereits verschiedene internationale Preise gewonnen und arbeiten kontinuierlich an der Weiterentwicklung und Öffnung des Repertoires für Perkussion sowie an neuen, innovativen Konzertformaten. In Luzern sind sie mit der Produktion Drumblebee zu erleben, für die sie sich erstmals mit dem Regisseur Dan Tanson und der Choreographin Ela Baumann zusammengetan haben.

    Juli 2012

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