Choral Concert 2

Instrumentalists of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik | Choirs | Pascal Mayer


Tue, 04.04. | 19.30 | No. 17105

Kirchensaal MaiHof

Vergangenes Konzert

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Easter Festival

01.04.-09.04. 2017




    Choral Concert 2

    Instrumentalists of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik | Choirs | Pascal Mayer

    Instrumentalists of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik

    (Immanuel Richter in charge of rehearsal)

    (Eberhard Rex chorus master)

    (Pascal Mayer chorus master)

    Pascal Mayer  conductor

    Marking the 600th anniversary of Niklaus von Flüe

    Arthur Honegger (1892–1955)
    Nicolas de Flue.
    Dramatic legend for speaker, children’s choruses, chorus, brass ensemble, and percussion after a text by Denis de Rougemont

    The Second World War was already casting its shadow when Arthur Honegger and Denis de Rougemont received a commission to write a new choral work for the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939 (the “Landi”) in fact the world premiere had to be postponed on account of the outbreak of war. As the protagonist of their “dramatic legend,” they chose the mystic Nicholas von Flüe, the “patron saint” of Switzerland. They describe his departure from the army, from his judicial office, and from his family; his retreat on the Ranft chine; and his plea for internal peace among the Confederation at the Diet of Stans in 1481 – an unmistakable commentary on the political events of their own time. The year 2017 marks the 600th anniversary of the birth of “Brother Klaus.” Could there be a better occasion to perform Honegger’s patriotic portrait of a saint? It fuses oratorio and opera, unfolding an enthralling dramaturgy and anthemic exaltation with immediate effect.

    Special Offer: Bring Young Listeners to a Concert for Free
    What could be lovelier than introducing young listeners to the enchanting world of classical music? When you buy a ticket for this concert, you will receive a free ticket allowing you to share the concert with a young guest. This offer is for children and youths up to and including 17 years of age – as long as tickets last. You may order your concert tickets by calling +41(0)41 226 44 80. We are available from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

    Luzerner Kantorei

    Founded in 1992, the Lucerne Kantorei, which today consists of the Lucerne Boys’ Choir and the Lucerne Girls’ Choir, offers children from Central Switzerland the opportunity to train their voices and to sing in a professionally led chorus. The members receive individual training suited to their age, which also includes weekly individual instruction in voice training. This work takes place in elementary and coaching choruses, at times divided according to gender; there is a large concert chorus, a chamber chorus, and a “gentlemen’s ensemble” for singers aged 14 to 20 whose voices have broken. The focus of the repertoire that is studied is on sacred music works of all eras, which are performed as part of the liturgies at the Jesuitenkirche and also at choral concerts and on celebratory occasions. The various Lucerne Kantorei groups have performed at  LUCERNE FESTIVAL, the Davos Festival Young Artists in Concert, and the Bregenz Festival; selected boy soloists regularly sing on the opera stages of Switzerland and neighboring countries. Since August 2000 Eberhard Rex has served as Artistic Director of the Lucerne Kantorei. He studied church music at the Trossingen University of Music (Baden-Württemberg), focusing on the areas of organ (with Gerd Witte), conducting (with Manfred Schreier), and voice (with Josef Sinz). During his training he began to become intensively involved in pedagogy and children’s vocal training – a focus that he put into practice as choral director of the renowned Aurelius Boys’ Choir in Calw and of the ARTEvocale, the Calw girls’ choir. In addition he has conducted opera and oratorio projects and has made various recordings on CD and radio.

    LUCERNE FESTIVAL (IMF) debut on 28 March 1999 in works by Mozart and Pärt, conducted by Alois Koch.

    August 2014

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    Akademiechor Luzern

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    Pascal Mayer

    Pascal Mayer ist musikalischer Leiter des Collegium Musicum Luzern. Seine Ausbildung erhielt er an den Konservatorien von Fribourg und Zürich. Als Chorsänger sang er damals im Ensemble vocale de Lausanne, im Chœur de la Radio Suisse Romande und im Stuttgarter Kammerchor. Auf Einladung von Paul Sacher dirigierte Mayer fünf Jahre lang den Kammerchor Basel, zwanzig Jahre lang leitete er den Chœur Faller in Lausanne. Von 1987 bis 1997 fungierte er als Ko-Direktor des Chœur de Chambre Romand. Pascal Mayer ist Gründer des Chœur de l’Université et des Jeunesses Musicales und des Chœur de Chambre de l’Université de Fribourg. 1995 rief er gemeinsam mit Hansruedi Kämpfen den Chœur Suisse des Jeunes ins Leben. Mit diesen Ensembles erarbeitet er ein breites Oratorien-Repertoire vom Barock bis zur Moderne. Seit 1996 studiert er überdies die Chöre für das Festival d’Opéra d’Avenches ein. An der Hochschule Luzern unterrichtet Pascal Mayer Chorleitung.

    Februar 2017

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    Eörs Kisfaludy

    Eörs Kisfaludy, geboren 1948 in Budapest, kam 1961 in die Schweiz. Nach seinem Studium an der École Romande d’Art Dramatique in Lausanne war er als Theater- und Fernsehschauspieler in Frankreich, Belgien und in der Schweiz tätig. Von 1968 bis 1970 unterrichtete er Schauspiel in Kinshasa (Kongo); 1970 feierte sein Stück Le Jeu des Vivants in Nancy Premiere. Mehrere Jahre lang moderierte er bei Radio Suisse Romande / Espace 2 eine Musiksendung. Seit vielen Jahren tritt Eörs Kisfaludy auch als Sprecher oder Erzähler in klassischen Konzerten auf, etwa in Strawinskys Oedipus Rex, Debussys Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien, Prokofjews Peter und der Wolf oder Honeggers Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher. Dabei arbeitete er mit Dirigenten wie Pierre Boulez, Christoph Eschenbach, Daniel Harding, Erich Leinsdorf, James Levine und Helmuth Rilling zusammen. Als Librettist verbindet Kisfaludy eine künstlerische Partnerschaft mit dem Schweizer Komponisten Thierry Besançon.

    Februar 2017