Music Theater 1

“In the Office for Death Affairs”

von Heydenaber

Fri, 07.09. | 20.00

Luzerner Theater

Vergangenes Konzert

Tickets available starting on 20 August only from the Luzerner Theater | t +41 (0)41 228 14 14

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018



    Chorus of the Luzerner Theater  
    William Kelley  musical direction and conductor
    Viktor Bodó  staging
    Márton Ágh  set design
    Fruzsina Nagy  costumes
    Gábor Keresztes  sound design

    With Sofia Borsani, Lukas Darnstädt, Christian Baus, Gianna Lunardi, Robert Maszl, Vuyani Mlinde, Diana Schnürpel, Yves Wüthrich et al.

    Klaus von Heydenaber (*1982)
    In the Office for Death Affairs
    A Slapstick Opera for the 21st Century Orchestra
    Libretto: Máté B. Fazes
    world premiere

    Co-production of the Luzerner Theater and LUCERNE FESTIVAL

    For the opening of the 2018-19 season at the Luzerner Theater, a new genre will be explored in a boundary-crossing production between opera, drama, and dance in collaboration with the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra: a Slapstick OperaOpera Without Text, an experimental exploration by the German composer Klaus von Heydenaber, who was born in 1982. The plot: The Office for Affairs of Death is as hardworking as it is hyper-organized. It is decided here who dies, and when. But one day, on account of a blackout, the Office’s plans are thwarted. Four people who are already being examined by the pathologist come back to life. Due to the system error, they unexpectedly gain time in this world. In this staging by the multiple-award-winning Hungarian theater wizard Viktor Bodó, Klaus von Heydenaber’s first composition of music theater becomes a comic-absurd and cinematically lavish stage event in which words are the only thing missing.

     Additional performances until November 2018 

    With the friendly support of the Arthur Waser Stiftung

    21st Century Orchestra

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