Soundzz.z.zzz…z ─ Performance 2

Improvisational Orchestra

Martell | Strahl


Kunstmuseum Luzern

Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

12.08.-11.09. 2016




    Soundzz.z.zzz…z ─ Performance 2

    Improvisational Orchestra

    Sophia Martell (*1988) / Silke Strahl (*1988)
    The Conductress
    A multimedia performance

    Visual art meets music: “Soundzz.z.zzz…z” combines these different arts and explores the diverse relationships between expression through images and sound. The winner of this fourth edition of the competition has been chosen: a documentary-artistic project titled The Conductress, which will conclude with two performances, on 7 and 11 September, by a multimedia improvisational orchestra. The two artists, Sophia Martell and Silke Strahl, have used their interviews with female musicians, Festival guests, and resident Lucerne's about their everyday (musical) professional lives as the starting point for improvisations to weave a multimedia performance replete with atmospheric recordings of images and sounds from the Festival.

    In cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Luzern