Lucerne Festival Academy 3

Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO) | Lin Liao

Coltea | Amarouch | Boulez

Fri, 03.09. | 21.30 | No. 212305

Südpol, Halle

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Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021




    Lucerne Festival Academy 3

    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO) | Lin Liao

    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)  
    Lin Liao  conductor
    Victor Coltea (*1986)
    Orbitor for ensemble
    world premiere | commissioned by Lucerne Festival with support of the Swiss cultural institution Pro Helvetia
    Samir Amarouch (*1991)
    new work for ensemble
    world premiere | commissioned by Lucerne Festival
    Pierre Boulez (1925–2016)
    Polyphonie X for 18 instrument

    Seventy years ago, Polyphonie X was performed for the first and thus far only time. Its fragmented sounds, subjected in all their parameters to a radically serial approach, caused a veritable scandal at the premiere. The attention abruptly catapulted Pierre Boulez, then 26 years old, to the forefront of the musical avant-garde. To his colleague John Cage, Boulez had compared the Polyphonie project to the hubris of building the Tower of Babel, quipping, “I hope I don’t fall on my face balancing on the curb like this.” After the premiere, he deleted it from his official catalog of works because he felt it was too theory-laden. The score never appeared in print; the only evidence of the work until now has been the live recording of the premiere. The Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra offers a new encounter with Polyphonie X – which is to say with a fascinating Boulezian work concept that marks an important step in his development. It will be juxtaposed with two brand-new works by representatives of the young generation of composers, both written for the same instrumentation. 

    Lin Liao

    The Taiwanese conductor Lin Liao studied composition and piano at the National University of the Arts in Taipei and conducting at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Pierre Boulez was an important mentor, and she took his master class in conducting as part of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY in 2007; he then chose her to co-conduct Stockhausen’s GRUPPEN. Lin Liao also became acquainted at that time with Peter Eötvös, who subsequently engaged her as his assistant for concerts with the Rotterdam Philharmonic and the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble, additionally inviting her to the Holland Festival in 2009. Contemporary music is a focus of her work, whether as Chief Conductor of the Ensemble Laboratorium or as a guest conductor with the Ensemble Modern, the Collegium Novum Zürich, the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, and the Ensemble Aventure, as well as at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin, the ManiFeste in Paris, and the Klangspuren Schwaz. As First Kapellmeisterin at the Schleswig-Holstein Landestheater, Lin Liao has moreover developed a wide-ranging music theater repertoire. Operatic credits include the Chemnitz Opera House, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, and the municipal theaters of Krefeld-Mönchengladbach, where she has conducted such works as d’Albert’s Tiefland, Mozart’s Entführung, and Verdi’s La traviata. She also feels a commitment to Taiwanese composers and led the world premiere of Chang-Fa Yiu’s opera The Peach Blossom Fan at the National Theater of Taipei with an ensemble of Peking Opera players and a Western symphony orchestra. In the concert hall, Lin Liao has led the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra, and the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. She has been involved in several educational projects with the Leipzig Gewandhaus.

    LUCERNE FESTIVAL debut on 1 September 2007, as one of the three conductors for a performance of Stockhausen’s GRUPPEN with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.

    July 2018


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    Introduction with Wolfgang Rihm at the beginning of the concert (in German)