Young Family Concert

“Domande – Fragen”

Teatro Dimitri

Sat, 25.08. | 11.00 | No. 18441

Kleintheater Luzern

Vergangenes Konzert

Reduced price for youths up to the age of 17.

Please book a wheelchair ticket under t +41 (0) 41 226 44 80 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018



    Raissa Avilès  guitar
    Alfonso D’Angelo  piano
    Vicky Papailiou  accordion
    Eleonora Savini  violin
    Kate Hannah Weinrieb  vocals
    Sébastien Davis  direction and musical conception
    Urs Mösch  set design
    Christoph Siegenthaler  lighting
    Dante Carbini  video
    Anna Manz  costumes

    “Domande – Fragen” (“Questions”)
    A comic-philosophical concert with the Teatro Dimitri

    A co-production with the Teatro Dimitri

    for ages 8 and up

    Where does the world come from? How is it that I am alive? What is time? Children ask the truly radical questions. Questions that we as adults often put aside – maybe because they frighten us, because we do not know the answers and the view stretches into the unfathomable. “The only thing that we need to become good philosophers is the ability to marvel,” the Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder has observed. And he has frequently given expression to this belief, whether in his young adult classic Sophie’s World or in the picture book Questions Asked. The latter forms the starting point of Domande – Fragen (“Questions”). Five people stand on the stage, not knowing one another and not even speaking the same language. But they understand how to communicate with one another: through laughter, looks, music. And − in a state of wonder and playfulness − they discuss existential questions that appear on a wall. Questions that perhaps have no answers but which it is still important to ask. Because they invite you to embrace the world.

    With the friendly support of:
    Geert and Lore Blanken-Schlemper Foundation
    Josef Müller Stiftung Muri
    Walter Haefner Stiftung

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