Young Puppet Theater

“Die Zaubermuschel”

Figurentheater PETRUSCHKA

Wed, 23.08. | 14.30 | No. 17371

Pavillon Tribschenhorn

Vergangenes Konzert

Reduced price for youths up to the age of 17.

Summer Festival

11.08.-10.09. 2017



    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA:  Marianne Hofer, concept, puppetry, and sand painting | Jenny Scherer, puppetry | Evamaria Felder, flute | Jodok Vuille, cello | Stefanie Burgener, piano | Robert Hofer, set design and staging technology

    “Die Zaubermuschel” (“The Magic Shell”)
    A musical fairy-tale in which the children’s audience plays an important role 

    Coproduction of LUCERNE FESTIVAL with the Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

    Ages 5 and up

    Two musicians and a narrator get together to invent a musical story for children. But alas, they are living in a time when children themselves no longer love stories and dreams. So what can they come up with to encourage young people and grownups to enjoy music and exciting stories again? The three artists grow increasingly perplexed and decide to take a break. But two invisible elves have been eavesdropping and decide to help them – after all, they come directly from the land of Fantasy! And so the elves playfully spread magic dust on the musicians’ instruments and the narrator’s book … and wait for what happens. 

    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

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