Young Puppet Theater

“Die Aufziehprinzessin”

Figurentheater PETRUSCHKA

Fri, 16469

Pavillon Tribschenhorn

Vergangenes Konzert

Reduced price for youths up to the age of 17.

Summer Festival

12.08.-11.09. 2016



    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA:  Marianne Hofer, concept, puppetry, and sand painting | Jenny Scherer, puppetry | Evamaria Felder, flute | Jodok Vuille, cello | Stefanie Burgener, piano | Robert Hofer, set design and staging technology

    “Die Aufziehprinzessin” (“The Wind-Up Princess”) (in German)
    A musical fairy-tale with music by Jacques Offenbach, Antonio Vivaldi, et al.

    Coproduction of LUCERNE FESTIVAL and Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA
    For anyone ages 5 and up| Duration: 60 minutes

    Her ambitious father and overbearing music teacher want to turn the little princess into a prima donna. But her fairy godmother intervenes and secretly swaps her unhappy goddaughter with a marionette. The real princess is left in the custody of a goldfinch, a bear, and a wild boar in the nearby forest: here she finds at last friends who support her and with whom she can lightheartedly sing, dance, and laugh. The false princess meanwhile infatuates the court society with her perfect yet soulless performances – until she breaks down ... A fairy-tale with music that gives the children in the audience an important role to play. 

    Puppet Theater PETRUSCHKA

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