Church Consecration Festival Liturgy

Choir and Instrumentalists of the Collegium Musicum Luzern | Luzerner Kantorei | Eberhard Rex et al.


Sun, 26.08. | 17.00


Vergangenes Konzert

Summer Festival

17.08.-16.09. 2018




    Church Consecration Festival Liturgy

    Choir and Instrumentalists of the Collegium Musicum Luzern | Luzerner Kantorei | Eberhard Rex et al.

    Instrumentalists of the Collegium Musicum Luzern  
    Eberhard Rex  conductor
    Sergej Aprischkin  baritone
    John Rutter (*1945)
    Mass of the Children

    Choir of the Collegium Musicum Luzern

    Founded in 1982 by Alois Koch, the Collegium Musicum Luzern plays an indispensable role in the city’s church music life and collaborates closely with the Lucerne School of Music. It consists of a chorus, which is also open to trained amateurs; the Schola Gregoriana, which comprises students; and the Luzerner Kantorei and a youth choir, both of which are dedicated to promoting young talent. The idea of providing amateurs with intensive vocal and musical training was also the inspiration for the founding in 1987 of the Chœur de Chambre de l’Université de Fribourg. In various groupings the singers perform works from the Renaissance to the present—they have given the world premieres of several compositions—and they even devote themselves to staged projects and folk music. The Chœur has excelled in various national and international competitions: for example, in 1995, at the International Concours of Montreux as well as at the Choral Competition in Charmey, where the ensemble took both First Prize and the Audience Award; in 1999 they won Second Prize at the Swiss Choral Union Competition in Zug. Serving as Artistic Director of both the Collegium Musicum and the Chœur is Pascal Mayer, who studied choral conducting in Fribourg and Zurich and began his career as a singer with the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne as well as the Stuttgart Chamber Choir. Paul Sacher subsequently entrusted him with leadership of the Basel Chamber Choir. For a decade Mayer led the Da Camera Choir in Neuchâtel as well; from 1987 to 1997 he collaborated with the Chœur de Chambre Romand. In 1995 he joined with Hansruedi Kämpfen to found the Swiss Youth Choir. Mayer teaches choral conducting at the Lucerne School of Music.

    August 2011


    Luzerner Kantorei

    Founded in 1992, the Lucerne Kantorei, which today consists of the Lucerne Boys’ Choir and the Lucerne Girls’ Choir, offers children from Central Switzerland the opportunity to train their voices and to sing in a professionally led chorus. The members receive individual training suited to their age, which also includes weekly individual instruction in voice training. This work takes place in elementary and coaching choruses, at times divided according to gender; there is a large concert chorus, a chamber chorus, and a “gentlemen’s ensemble” for singers aged 14 to 20 whose voices have broken. The focus of the repertoire that is studied is on sacred music works of all eras, which are performed as part of the liturgies at the Jesuitenkirche and also at choral concerts and on celebratory occasions. The various Lucerne Kantorei groups have performed at  LUCERNE FESTIVAL, the Davos Festival Young Artists in Concert, and the Bregenz Festival; selected boy soloists regularly sing on the opera stages of Switzerland and neighboring countries. Since August 2000 Eberhard Rex has served as Artistic Director of the Lucerne Kantorei. He studied church music at the Trossingen University of Music (Baden-Württemberg), focusing on the areas of organ (with Gerd Witte), conducting (with Manfred Schreier), and voice (with Josef Sinz). During his training he began to become intensively involved in pedagogy and children’s vocal training – a focus that he put into practice as choral director of the renowned Aurelius Boys’ Choir in Calw and of the ARTEvocale, the Calw girls’ choir. In addition he has conducted opera and oratorio projects and has made various recordings on CD and radio.

    LUCERNE FESTIVAL (IMF) debut on 28 March 1999 in works by Mozart and Pärt, conducted by Alois Koch.

    August 2014

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